WA Seawork Dinner Quiz!

Smiles and good food at this year’s annual WA Seawork Dinner


It was a fantastic night for the 150 people that attended ‘The Grand’ in Southampton on 14th June. As ever, the food was delicious and the entertainment ‘The Illusionists’ were brilliant!

Thank you very much to the evening’s sponsors: CTRL Marine Solutions, ShipOwners Club and Campbell Johnston Clark.

We can’t tell you how they made the lady disappear 3 times, but we can tell you who won the ‘bragging rights only’ annual quiz (and what the answers are)!!

This years winner is….


Dave McNaughton, Anna & John Percival-Harris, Bobby Mitchell, Michel Radjiman, Sarah Leonard, Bert de Ruiter, Noor Kimmit, Susi Miller

Congratulations, you win one of the workboat sector’s most coveted prizes, the chance to gloat to everyone else that you are the most intelligent.

Team Points
13 46
5 41
TMS 40
Anonymous 40
12 38
15 38
3 37
6 37
11 36
Jaws 34
9 33
4 22

Try the quiz for yourself here:

>>>WA Seawork Quiz Questions<<<

Answers to the quiz are here:

>>>>>WA Seawork Quiz 2023 Answers<<<<<


WA Seawork Dinner Quiz!