Workboat Association honour the Woodland Trust to mark their 25th Anniversary

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Workboat Association, a dedication has been made to the Woodland Trust. This dedication will be used not only to preserve and protect the woodland specified in the dedication but enables the Woodland Trust to create and protect more native woods; providing places rich in trees and wildlife for everyone to enjoy.

Originating in 1994 as a group of 6 members to bring industry experience to the conception of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s Workboat Code (known as the Brown Code), the Association has grown in strength and numbers to its current membership; over 120 members registered across 8 countries and together operating a fleet in excess of 630 vessels (with more in the pipeline!).

2019 not only marked the Associations 25th year, but also the UKs development of and commitment to the Clean maritime plan: Maritime 2050 environment route map. With this important objective in mind the Workboat Association chose to waste no time and invest its success in aiding the control over carbon emissions, something as an industry we have historically been a part in creating.

With the targets set high and an enthusiasm to succeed, the Association intends to work with, and drive, the Maritime industry towards 2050 whilst engaging with and joining our clients and their stakeholders to meet their individual environmental objectives and ambitions.

“We are delighted that the Workboat Association has made a dedication at Storeton Woods. Storeton Woods is a beautiful, historic place filled with wonderful mature oak, sycamore and beech trees and full of wildlife. The Woodland Trust thanks the Workboat Association for their support helping us to protect, restore and create UK woodland”
Coral Banks, Dedications Manager at The Woodland Trust.

The dedication to the Woodland Trust was officially announced at the 25th AGM of the Workboat Association this year at Lake Windermere by the CEO Mr. Kerrie Forster. “The dedication has been made to protect and conserve an acre of woodland at Storeton Woods, Higher Bebington. Close to the banks of the River Mersey, an area with a long history of significant Workboat operations. ” explained Forster.

Although unable to attend the event in person, the Associations President Mr. Norman Finlay MBE, sent these words “Having moved from Northern Ireland to the Liverpool area in my younger days, I often enjoyed visiting Storeton Woods in my youth. I consider what is being done there is extremely worthwhile, as is the work the Woodland Trust is doing all over the Country”.

For more information about the Workboat Association please visit: or for specific interest on how you can follow the Clean maritime plan: Maritime 2050 environment route map for Workboats, contact:

Workboat Association honour the Woodland Trust to mark their 25th Anniversary