This week is Maritime Safety Week!

Maritime Safety Week

This week is the 2nd annual Maritime Safety Week (1st – 5th July 2019)

The campaign instigated by the UK DfT in 2018 received fantastic response in its inaugural year.

Objectives for the week are:
•       to recognise and highlight all the excellent safety work that already goes on across the Maritime sector;
•       to provide an opportunity to focus on some specific challenges that the sector faces and what is being done                    to tackle them;
•       to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice; and
•       to capitalise on the momentum created by last year’s Maritime Safety Week by reiterating key safety                               messages.

“Ultimately, the ambition through this year’s Maritime Safety Week and beyond is to support the reduction of preventable deaths in water in the UK.” Secretary of State, Nusrat Ghani MP.

– In recognition of all the hard work to promote safety and best practice every day within our industry; the NWA ask you to visit our Linkedin page and leave a Positive Safety Observation, to let those involved know their efforts are being appreciated.


Initiative of the Positive Observation Board is to both promote MSW and to promote Positive Safety Observations, which often are forgotten in place for only Negative reporting.

This week is Maritime Safety Week!