The safe Carriage of Dangerous Goods

The safe Carriage of Dangerous Goods on [UK] workboats

Following a presentation from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency at a Workboat Association run Offshore Wind focused ‘Open’ Safety Forum it was discovered that the correct responsibilities and general awareness surrounding the Carriage of Dangerous Goods onboard Workboats was not completely understood.

It was devised that a campaign be initiated in order to bring to the attention of crew and passengers some of the key and often misunderstood areas of compliance in regards to the IMDG code. Supported by the MCA, Operators, Clients and Stakeholders we aim that this campaign be promulgated onboard all workboats of which are likely to come into direct contact with DG, the Poster for application in the common area onboard and the Sticker for application close to the boarding area or main entrance to the superstructure. In addition to placements onboard, it is advised that Operators engage with Clients and when applicable post copies in the assembly areas of shore based offices or warehouses to forewarn Technicians before they prepare for embarkation.

The intended use for this signage is to be used as a tool of reference during onboard safety briefings or inductions and as a warning sign to all those coming onboard of their responsibilities to declare DG. It is also a quick visual reminder of what ‘common products’ constitute DG.

Both the Sticker and Poster come as a set, and (whilst initial quantities remain in stock) are free of charge – as bringing the campaign to its published format comes gratefully sponsored by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

“When I first heard about the campaign, through the Workboat Association’s Safety Forum, I knew it was something that we at SGRE are very focused on when acquiring logistics partners.  – We hope that the understanding of the responsibilities and correct practises regarding the Carriage and Handling of Dangerous Goods at Sea will be greatly increased thanks to the campaign.”   – Steve Myers, Marine Asset Manager, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

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The safe Carriage of Dangerous Goods