Revised Workboat Code Finally Published!

The MCA have finally published and uploaded the on-line version of the Revised Workboat Code on the Gov.UK website. It can be found in the Small Craft Codes section under Statutory Guidance and is titled; "The Workboat Code, Edition 2".

The revised Code came into effect on 31st December 2018 and an MSN will follow later this week with more details. 

The NWA have been heavily involved in the production of this revised Code, having led the working group originally formed in 2012, which resulted in the 'Technical Standard' version that was published in 2014. We have suffered 4 years of frustration due to various government machinations and delays, but are pleased the revised Code has now been published, giving operators a more up to date standard for the next generation of Workboats.

We anticipate that Jenny Vines who has led the MCA team getting this Code to publication will be joining us at the AGM next week, to talk about some aspects of the revised Code.

Download the Revised Workboat Code here. 

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Revised Workboat Code Finally Published!