MCA launch ‘Human Element Assessment Tool’ – HEAT

“The prime causal factor in nearly all shipping accidents can be attributed to human
element issues occurring at some stage in the ship life cycle. Addressing technological
failures alone will lead only to a limited improvement in safety. In order to make significant
improvements in safety performance much greater attention must be paid to human
element issues.

The underpinning philosophy of HEAT is to develop an effective safety culture within
companies and on board ship. It aims to promote and embed a culture of continuous
improvement in safety performance ensuring that human element issues are given regular
and effective consideration.”                        – Report the MCA in their associated MGN [365 (M)] 


The relevant MGN and Tools can be downloaded here;

MGN_365 (Guidance Note on the background and implementation of ‘Heat’)

MSF_4161_REV_0519_-_HEAT-C (Company tool)

MSF_4162_REV_0519_-_HEAT-S (Ship tool)

MCA launch ‘Human Element Assessment Tool’ – HEAT