MCA ‘Clean Maritime Plan’ and ‘MIN592’ published

This week the MCA have published both the UK Clean Maritime Plan and the MIN592 (Differences between Workboat Code IWGTS and Workboat Code edition 2).


Though the scope of the documents is reasonably self explanatory here are some preambles;

UK Clean Maritime Plan was launched on Thursday 11th July by Minister Nusrat Ghani in London, she explained that the UK is one of the first countries to develop and implement such a plan and shows fantastic determination for future industry development and improvement. The plan lays out the objectives, goals and and implementation phases of the UKs Clean Maritime agenda and gives opportunity for vessel Operators, Designers, Supply Chain and Industry stakeholders to make the necessary changes to meet the countries goals and ambitions.

View the document here: clean-maritime-plan


MIN592 has been created to detail the changes necessary for those vessels built to the Workboat Code IWGTS (2014) enabling them to meet the requirements of the latest Workboat Code 2, as required before the vessels first 5 year certificate renewal. The document is extremely detailed in its scope and the diferences (small and large) are many – the MCA ask for feedback on the changes to be forwarded to the Technical Standards team (this can be through the NWA if required) especially for those who are finding challenges in meeting the latest requirements. Currently vessels certified to the Brown Code / MGN280 need not apply the changes.

The document can be viewed here: MIN_592

3 is the Magic Number:

Signals from the MCA have also recently informed us that the acceptance of UK <500gt near coastal Masters CoC have been accepted for use in German waters, though currently this is not formally published. We await formal news, if you do have any questions on this matter, it is advised to contact us: here

MCA ‘Clean Maritime Plan’ and ‘MIN592’ published