CTV Good Practice Guide 2 – Official launch at Seawork 2019

Join us from 11th to 13th June to celebrate the launch of our ‘Crew Transfer Vessel Good Practice Guide revision 2′.


Visit the NWA on stand PB128 to register for your copy of the newly revised CTV GPG, all registrations for the guide at Seawork will be automatically entered into our celebratory ‘Launch Competition’ with the chance to win a fantastic prize!

“The revision process and ‘creation’ of the CTV GPG from the previous (GPG for Offshore Energy Service Vessels) has come from a strong stakeholder calling to proactively promote safe practices throughout the wider CTV industry – using the principals originating from the offshore energy sector. This opportunity has allowed us to make the necessary updates to the guide in order to meet the latest working practises, expectations and challenges working onboard the newer and future fleets” explains NWA CEO Kerrie Forster.

“We would like to thank all those involved for their time and contribution during the ‘Industry Review Period’ and in particular our members and close associates who physically put the document together”

The National Workboat Association are in the current phase of creating further annexes to the Towing GPG, notably on ‘Conventional Tug Operation’ and ‘Ship Assist’, If you feel you are able to contribute to the creation of these GPG’s, have comments on any previous works, or a theme for a future GPG; please contact us here

CTV Good Practice Guide 2 – Official launch at Seawork 2019