BBC Radio: Coracle takes apprenticeships to ex-offenders

Youtube link: BBC Radio interview mentioning the Workboat Association

Coracle is a Cambridge based Edtech firm that provides specialist Virtual Learning Environments.

“Digital literacy is a right.”

We believe that digital skills open up new opportunities. We want to help every prisoner increase their digital know-how and improve their life chances.

There is a growing digital divide, one that is creating new challenges for prisoners as they rejoin society. Even the simplest of tasks – from buying a travel ticket to applying for Universal Credit – relies on digital skills.

We know that improving these skills will give prisoners – and the communities they’ll return to – the best chance of successful reintegration.

We supply nearly half of the English and Welsh prisons with smart, safe devices so prisoners can access educational content, even from their cell.

We blend our proprietary Osprey-VLE software with a team of vetted, experienced staff who are on site and on hand to ensure learners get the most from a Coracle device.

Preparing prisoners for a fresh start and a life of opportunities.

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BBC Radio: Coracle takes apprenticeships to ex-offenders