Training and Good Practice aids for the Workboat Industry

Towage Stability Annex Good Practice Guide

First of the support documents to the original Towage GPG, the Towage Stability Annex provides clear-to-understand detail on Towage Stability; written with a hands-on audience in mind, by those with experience

Towage - Good Practice Guide

Thorough in detail, high in experienced input; this GPG colates best practise from the Towage industry in generic format. Further specified GPGs on individual towage sectors are proposed and in creation to support the 'Towage GPG series'

Crew Transfer Vessel - Good Practice Guide

Reviewed in 2019, this GPG details the processes and methodology necessary to operate a Crew Transfer Vessel safely and responsibly

Voluntary Towing Endorsement - Training Record Book

A TRB designed purposefully for supporting the process of applying for, and completing all necessary requirements leading towards the award of a Voluntary Towing Endorsement

Master Workboat under 500gt - Training Record Book

The specifically tailored TRB for those working towards a Master Workboat 500gt CoC, this book provides criteria for all necessary recordable experience and skills to obtain the certificate.

Workboat Crewmember - Training Record Book

This is a valued document for anyone working in the workboat industry to complete, it provides a thorough record of individuals experience and skills gained.