"I find the benefits of being a member of the NWA are that I can help shape the industry, the Association gives the operator a voice and I am thrilled to be a part of it." - Chris King, King Marine Ltd

The NWA's excellent contacts will usually allow us to get a more expedient and positive response than might be the case to an individual contact


The National Workboat Association is the Trade association for Workboat Owners and Operators. Whilst most are based in the UK we have members with vessels operating throughout the North Sea basin, in the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf as well as in Australasia.

The range of workboats is as wide as their geographical location;- from Shoalbusters to specialised Survey vessels and Multicats to Wind Farm Service Vessels. Likewise, our members range from those with fleets of 30+ vessels down to single owner operator vessels.

The NWA seeks to improve the operation of Workboats in two main areas; -
    • Through close dialogue with the MCA an effective regulatory framework for the Safe Operation of Workboats, and
    • Relevant, appropriate qualifications for crew members operating these vessels.

The Association also give a forum for members to exchange views and concerns on a wide range of issues and a conduit to express those concerns as appropriate, to the MCA as the main regulator and other representative bodies, such as IMCA and the Maritime Skills Alliance.

Member Profile: Jacqui Bruce, NWA Treasurer and Administration

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