Workboat Trailblazer Apprenticeship – Assessment Plan Approved

We are pleased to confirm that the final assessment criteria for the revised Workboat Apprenticeship has now been agreed by the IfA and subsequently published on their website.


This comes following extensive work by the Training / Trailblazer work group and cooperation between the NWA and our contact at the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA).


The details are now in place for Training Providers to start drawing up plans to run the apprenticeship later in the year. 


We still await confirmation from the IfA regarding the level of funding they will award to our Apprenticeship. We submitted a revised bid in April – and we anticipate hearing back from the IfA later this month. Appreciating the importance of this information to our members – both those looking to hire trainee workers and the training providers themselves – we will pass on the final figure as soon as available.


Seawork Apprenticeships Showcase


Those of you interested in apprenticeships may wish to drop by the Conference Room at Seawork on the afternoon of Tuesday 3rdJuly, where the NWA will be taking part in a showcase of Marine Apprenticeships. This will consist of a series of short presentations, both on the Workboat Apprenticeships in England & Scotland, and on other related sector apprenticeships.

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