Windtime Charterparty Launched

A specialised time charter party designed for the offshore wind farm sector and based on the SUPPLYTIME form has been published and is available for use now. WINDTIME is designed for the small high speed craft used to transport technicians to and from offshore wind farm sites. Up until now the wind farm sector has largely relied on heavily amended SUPPLYTIME contracts to charter these transport vessels. WINDTIME builds on the base contract model found in SUPPLYTIME supplemented by clauses and amendments specific to the operation of personnel transport vessels.

WINDTIME is the result of two years' work by a specialist sub-committee that provided wind farm specific commercial, legal and insurance expertise. 

WINDTIME is available in a secured Word format for users of BIMCO's online charter party editing system, IDEA•2. Comprehensive explanatory notes accompany the contract and are available to download, free of charge from BIMCO's website along with a PDF sample copy of the contract.

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