Voluntary Towage Endorsement Scheme Published

At Last! – After years of work with the MCA Seafarers Standards branch MGN 468 has finally been published.  This notice defines the criteria and requirements for a series of 3 Towage Endorsements and names the NWA as the only recognised body able to issue these on behalf of the MCA.  The NWA has authorised an initial group of experienced Assessors to undertake the final assessments for candidates seeking one of these Towage endorsements;-General Towing, Ship Assist and Sea Towage.

Candidates will have to complete the relevant sections of the Towage Training Record Book contained in Annex 4 of MGN 468, before applying to the NWA to arrange their final assessment. See under ‘Training for a .pdf copy of this Towage training Record Book

This will be the first time that Tug Masters will have the opportunity to have their competence in towage independently assessed and recognised.  It is expected that these Voluntary Towage Endorsements will be increasingly utilised by towage operators and harbour authorities as evidence of a Tug Master’s practical competence.

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