Urgent: Update on German Acceptance of UK CoCs

After two weeks of waiting for the BG Verkehr to respond to Roger Towner’s last proposal, we have now had two unwelcome developments:

  1. We understand the BG Verkehr are requesting more detail – which sounds suspiciously like a delaying tactic
  2. We have learned that Roger Towner has recently been suspended from his role at the MCA, pending an internal disciplinary enquiry.

As a result, we have requested an early meeting with senior staff at the MCA to establish what is happening and to reiterate the urgent need to find a solution to this issue for UK Workboat Operators and crew. In preparation for this meeting if you have vessels working in Germany or are planning to do so, please advise the Secretary:

  1. How many vessels and crew you have involved
  2. If employing <3000GT Masters in the interim, what nationalities are they and any specific issues of recruitment and retention.

The more specific information and numbers we have on boats/jobs affected, the more clout we will have in these discussions.

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