Update for UK CoC Holders Working in German Offshore Wind Farms

The NWA has recently been advised that the BG Verkehr has now signed the bi-lateral agreement with the MCA, to allow holders of the STCW Master <500 GT Near Coastal CoC to work in the German Wind farm sector. 

Now all that remains is for the MCA to issue an M notice amending their definition of UK 'Near coastal' limits to include the whole of the German coast. This M notice has already been drafted and is currently being circulated within the MCA – and we anticipate publication in the near future.

Further to our earlier updates, Masters who currently hold either a Master Workboat <500GT CoC or a Master Class 1 Fishing CoC can undertake an additional 10-day Cargo/Stability module*, and can then apply to be issued with the STCW Master <500GT Near Coastal CoC, in addition to their original CoC. Class 1 Fishing Master CoC holders will also need to undergo an additional oral exam. Candidates should apply using Application form MSF 4287 and include a copy of the MCA letter with the application. Both documents are attached above.

While the MCA would much prefer candidates to have taken the Cargo/Stability module prior to applying, it has been agreed that if an employer is in urgent need of a CTV Master to work in the German wind farm sector, the employer can provide a letter on company letterhead, addressed to:

Acting Head of Seafarer Training and Certification

– which must state specifically that they need '[Firstname] [Lastname]' to be issued with the Master <500GT Near Coastal CoC so that s/he can take command of a CTV in German Waters as soon as possible. This letter must be sent with the rest of the candidate's application. 

The MCA will then process the application and issue the additional CoC, if all other aspects of the application are correct. The candidate will be given a maximum of 12 months to take the Cargo/Stability module and submit evidence of their course attendance to the Acting Head of Seafarer Training and Certification. The employer will be expected to ensure the individual completes the Cargo/Stability course within the timeframe.

We are aware of at least 3 candidates who have already applied and whose applications have been held, as they have yet to attend the Cargo/Stability module. If any of these individuals are in your employ, please provide them with the letter described above which they can forward to the MCA to complete their application.

* – The first Cargo/Stability module is being held from 20th – 31st August at NES College, Peterhead. Anyone wishing to attend this course should apply asap to:

Linda Hope (Tel: +44 (0)1779 476204)
e-mail: lhope@nescol.ac.uk

We would stress that the MCA would much prefer candidates complete the Cargo/Stability module prior to applying for this additional CoC.

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