Survey results: listening to your feedback

As many of you will have seen, last month we sent out a questionnaire to all of our members, designed to measure your satisfaction with our activities, and establish your priorities as we continue to act on your behalf.

With a response rate of just under 50%, results showed 80% of participants were satisfied with the NWA and its activities. While this is an encouraging result, we are naturally keen to boost this figure to ensure that our efforts best represent the interests of our members.

Having analysed the full results of the survey, over the coming weeks we will be taking steps to act on your feedback.

Core findings

Off the back of our survey, we learnt that the majority of our members agree that the primary function of the NWA is to act as a point of liaison between workboat operators, the Government, and industry bodies – with our work pioneering industry safety standards also a high priority. The survey finds that what members value the most on a day-to- day basis is the information that the association gives access to.

In addition to identifying where our members see the most value, we also asked for the core concerns and challenges that they are facing in the market more widely. From this, we learnt that regulatory and financial uncertainty created by Brexit, downward pressure on charter rates, and the domestic ‘skills gap’ are persistent issues that remain at the forefront for UK workboat operators.

The survey also showed us that where we can most improve our membership experience is through more regular communication and offering further support to our members with regards to regulatory compliance.

Acting on your suggestions

Moving forward, we are looking at ways to increase two-way communication and transparency between the association and members – as well as improving the ways you can communicate with each other.

In addition to our ongoing efforts to increase visibility and presence in the media, we will soon be launching an NWA LinkedIn page and group to keep our members updated on all news and upcoming events, and provide another forum in which our members can discuss essential issues. We will also be introducing more frequent newsletters, in addition to our usual updates, ensuring that all of our members stay up to date on NWA activity, do not miss crucial regulatory updates and receive regular news on upcoming safety training, guidelines and workshops.

These will merely be the first steps in a continuous process of improvement to the membership experience – and we encourage members to continue sharing their feedback with us throughout the year.

We would like to thank all of those who took part in the membership survey. If you have any initial queries – or would like any further information on the survey findings – please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

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