Significant Funding for the Workboat Crewmember Apprenticeship

We are delighted to report that the final piece of the Apprenticeship 'jigsaw' is now in place – with the Workboat Crewmember Standard and end-point assessment already published, the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) has now recommended a funding band of £20,000 per Apprentice.


This is significantly more than the original offer of £5,000 and is a much fairer reflection of the cost of this revised 18-24 month Level 3 Workboat Apprenticeship.


The Trailblazer group has written to the IfA to accept this funding band, and we expect it to be confirmed by the Education Minister in the near future. This means that those companies in England and Wales already paying the Apprenticeship Levy can claim £20,000 funding per apprentice, while smaller companies not paying the levy are entitled to 90% of this figure. 


This is the most significant funding that has ever been available for training Workboat crewmembers, and these apprentices should provide the basis for the next generation of Workboat crew. By the end of the apprenticeship they will have gained the following practical qualifications:


  • All STCW Basic Safety Courses,
  • STCW Designated Safety Duties
  • NavigationalWatch Rating
  • Efficient Deck Hand (EDH)
  • AEC 1 & 2
  • Hydraulic Crane Operator
  • Slinger and Signaller


54 North Maritime have already published an outline timetable for a first intake to start on 28th August at Whitby and we expect Red Ensign Training on the Isle of Wight to also offer a September intake. Anyone interested in taking advantage of this significant training incentive should contact the Training Providers direct.


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