Send your comments on the latest G+ guidelines

This month, the G+ released a consultation draft of the 2nd edition of their version of the Good Practice Guidelines: “The safe management of small service vessels used in the offshore wind industry”.

The consultation period is open now and runs until 9th September 2017

As we know, this publication has become the offshore wind industry’s point of reference for the use of CTVs and other vessels in the sector. Therefore, it is important that we ensure that all information is as accurate as possible, and that you feel confident that there is nothing untoward in the text.

This will be our last chance to contribute to the publication and have a say in any changes left to be made. This latest draft follows the consideration of the numerous comments submitted in 2016, which has inevitably been dominated by the outlook of several of the larger offshore wind stakeholders.

Please review this consultation document and send your comments into Andrew Sykes ( at the Energy institute before the deadline.

We will have an opportunity to openly discuss members’ comments on the consultation at the next NWA Safety forum on the 6th September. To help guide discussion at the forum, and to ensure that we highlight any recurring comments in the Safety Forum, and in our NWA response to the G+/Energy Institute, we ask that you please copy Mark Ranson ( into any feedback that you submit to the Energy Institute.

Download here: The safe management of small service vessels used in the offshore wind industry


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