Revised route proposed for BML, Tidal Inland Waterways

At the MSA BML working group meeting this week, it was decided to proceed with the new proposed 3-stage Maritime Skills Qualification (MSQ) approach for obtaining the revised Certificate in Maritime Studies: Boatmaster, Tidal Inland Waterways.

Whilst candidates can still complete the whole Boatmaster licence as one larger unit, they may, if they so wish, also complete it via the following route:

  1. Level 2 Award in Maritime Studies :                Watch Rating
  2. Level 2 Certificate in Maritime Studies:           Seamanship  (‘EDH’)
  3. Level 2 Certificate in Maritime Studies:           Boatmaster, Tidal Inland Waterways

The recently proposed Level 3 Diploma in Maritime Studies: Boatmaster Inland Waterways, aiming to give wider background knowledge to candidates, did not receive sufficient support from the industry and has therefore not been taken forward at this time.

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