New beginnings for the English Workboat Crewmember Apprenticeship

The English Workboat Crewmember Apprenticeship takes a new form, and name.

Now known as the “Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) Crewmember Apprenticeship”, the Apprenticeship standard has been reviewed and updated to cater for a larger candidate entry rate and the latest requirements as published in Workboat Code 3.

Published on the same day as Workboat Code 3 (27th November 2023), the new standard has a raised funding level of £22,000, (£2000 more than the previous version). Although remaining a Level 3 Apprenticeship, it also has a number of changes to the certification and training included;


  • Navigational Watch Rating Certificate (Requires sea service on vessels over 15m at sea)
  • Efficient Deck Hand Certificate (Requires a Navigational Watch Rating Certificate)


  • Replacing the EDH is the SQA Level 2 Diploma in Workboat Studies.
  • Manual Handling Certificate
  • To meet the requirements of Workboat Code 3 is,
    • Radar and Electronic Chart Systems training (Required by all persons whose role includes monitoring a Radar or ECS)
    • Yacht Master Coastal CoC (Required by a second person on vessels working +60nm from a safe haven)
    • Food Hygiene Level 2 (Required by anyone who’s duty includes preparing food on board for others)

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New beginnings for the English Workboat Crewmember Apprenticeship