More Applicants Needed for Cargo / Stability Module by Friday 10th August

With arrangements now in place so that holders of the Master <500GT Workboat CoC and Class 1 Fishing CoC can convert to the Master <500GT Near Coastal (allowing them to act as Master of vessels at the German Offshore wind farms), it is disappointing to note that the Scottish Maritime Academy has so far only received one applicant for the first Cargo Work/Stability course, due to start on 20th August at NES College, Peterhead.


This first course is vital for cementing the opportunity for Masters to convert, because it will be used by the MCA to assess and approve the course syllabus, for other courses to follow.


If you have any Class 1 Fishing CoC or <500GT Workboat CoC holders who want to do this module, please make every effort to relieve them from 20th – 31st August,  so they can attend this course. Please also pass this message on to your Masters and crewing departments so that they have the contact details to apply to Linda Hope at the Scottish Maritime Academy:

Linda Hope (Tel: +44 (0)1779 476204)


We need more applicants by Friday 10th August, or this course will have be postponed yet again.

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