Member Profile: Noor Kimit, Seaworthy Consulting

Find out about Noor and her reasons for starting Seaworthy Consulting

(Noor, pictured left with her colleague Nnekha, celebrating Seaworthy’s second birthday)

Who are Seaworthy Consulting?

Seaworthy Consulting is a recruitment agency providing crewing solutions, set up 2017 by myself following 8 years’ experience in Marine Recruitment sector.  

Knowing some Seafarers well – I could see how there was a gap in the market open for a consultancy business that would match clients’ crewing needs with the right Seafarer’s skills and competencies for a finder’s fee rather than through a payroll system.

My concept differs from many expectations, my ethos is not to take any money off the Seafarers day rate, but to charge only the client for my service as a freelancer’s fee.

This is a transparent, honest and radical way of working, meaning we get the best candidates approaching us as they are aware we will never miss-inform them about their day rates. It also means the vessel owners will not have to deal with day rate disputes on board, leading to vessel owners regularly receiving new crew to train and install competence to – due to crew not returning.

What maritime sectors do you work in?

Seaworthy Consulting provide crew and technical staff to the Workboat and Offshore Sector.

What does a day in your life look like?

I usually have a list of tasks to do, set-out during the day before. My day involves a lot of multi- tasking between live vacancies, speaking to client and candidates and making sure we are providing solutions to problems that may arise. Any non-designated time is spent qualifying and getting to know the crew that we are sending out.

Have you always had an interest in boats?

Not at a young age, I come from a family of Goldsmiths going back four generations. Being situated in Manchester, apart from Canal Barges, I am not really surrounded by boats – in fact, I graduated with a degree in Embroidery!

In a twist of fate my plan to work in the Fashion sector in London did not materialise, I applied for HR/Recruitment jobs locally to fund me staying in London, with the long-term ambition being get my dream job there as a Couture Embroidery designer. I landed a job recruiting within the maritime sector, and since then I have never looked back!

What is the highlight of your work for you?

My highlight is to resolve issues for clients at short notice, I have helped save many vessels from going off hire by providing relief crew on the weekends/ evenings or last minute requirements, my reward is knowing I have relieved stress and pressure from my clients and their crew.

Another enjoyable part of my work is supporting and placing [where practicable] graduate OOWs, seeing them in some cases become Master or even Managing Director.

It is also great to receive feedback from both clients and candidates that Seaworthy Consulting is trusted and respected for the professional service we offer.

Do you face any challenges?

Every day is a challenge, the maritime industry is very receptive to the global situation. We are constantly having to adapt to new conditions; including politics, war, medical pandemics, certificate regulation changes or acceptances, travel restrictions, Visas. But from these experiences we have learned how to adapt fast! We have great connections in the industry to help us with up to date and clear advice – like the Workboat Association for example.

What are your interests outside of the office?

I am an Ambassador for The Princess Trust, I raise awareness for this great charity which is helping many young individuals every day to develop their skills or business. Speaking personally, I was not diagnosed with dyslexia until my late teens, I try to share my experiences with others and provide them with confidence and inspiration to keep trying, eventually (I hope) to succeed in their own endeavours.

The rest of my time is spent with my family, I still enjoy my embroidery projects, which are now my hobby.

If you had ‘one wish’ to make a change in the Workboat Industry, what would it be?

I would like to see the Workboat industry become wider recognised and respected as an integral part of the overall maritime community, they are the key-stones of nearly every other marine sector.

I guess I would wish that the regulations and policies continue to be actively developed and where necessary added, to protect the Workboat industry and allow for it to work more efficiently and effectively connected with the larger tonnage sectors regarding training, safety, expectations and regulations.

Member Profile: Noor Kimit, Seaworthy Consulting