Member Profile: Adrian Birkin, Vulkan Industries

Following the inaugural WA golf day, Adrian Birkin spoke with us to tell us more about the man behind the UK business


Can you tell us about Vulkan?
Vulkan is one of 21 subsidiaries of the Vulkan group, Vulkan is family owned and market
leader in couplings for ships with approximately 1400 people worldwide. Currently there are
13 of us in the UK with plans to add more this year and next, taking us to 18 in the UK.

What is your role within the Company?
I am the Managing Director.

What is your career background?
Before Vulkan I wasn’t involved with the Marine industry – I had been working in the
industrial background and looked after EMEA region For Fenner European Region for Pix and
then before Vulkan I set up Ringfeder in the UK.

What excites you most about your job?
Something different everyday with the thrill of growing and winning business.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
I am a football coach and have just finished the season winning the league and cup.

What has Vulkan achieved so far?
Vulkan is now double the size since joining.

What are your goals for Vulkan next year?
To be triple the size from when I started in 2019.

Why did you decide to become a member of The Workboat Association?
Martin Jackson of PME told us we should join as we work closely with him. Vulkan in the UK
was and is prominent on the larger ships, but we want to grow and see the opportunities in
workboats. It is probably the biggest growth area for the UK Marine sector.

How do you feel The Workboat Association can benefit you?
You help us make some new contacts and generally meet the right people as we did at the
recent dinner and hopefully on your Golf Day.



Member Profile: Adrian Birkin, Vulkan Industries