MCA updates to the Load Line Regulations – Have your say!

The MCA have finally got round to updating and revising the Loadline Regulations – as one of the basic pieces of marine legislation applying to almost all craft, you should be aware of these changes – and give your comments as they will affect your business going forward. This is a substantial piece of legislation with a lot of information to 'wade' through…


Please find below a link to a public consultation package on the proposed Merchant Shipping (Load Line) Regulations:


This comprises:


The main Consultation Document

Annex A – Impact Assessment

Annex B – Regulatory Policy Committee (RPC) opinion on the Impact Assessment

Annex C – draft Statutory Instrument

Annex D – Marine Guidance Note (MGN)

Annex E – Marine Information Note (MIN)

Annex F – List of Consultees


We have asked Norman Finlay as one of the most experienced interpreters of the existing Loadline Regulations to look through and comment on behalf of the NWA – but it is important that you comment back to the MCA – and if possible pass your comments to Norman and the Secretary, so we can reflect your views in any future discussions with the MCA.


Please note you need to comment by 24th August.

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