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This month, the NWA launched its LinkedIn profile, with the creation of both a public NWA LinkedIn Page and a members-only NWA LinkedIn Group.

This presence on LinkedIn will create two new channels of communication for our members. 

The NWA LinkedIn Page will be publicly available, and used to share updates on the NWA’s activity to members and the wider industry.

Follow our LinkedIn page here:


The LinkedIn Group, exclusively for NWA members, has been established as a forum for sharing views on current issues and events, and conversation about topics relevant to the maritime industry in the UK and worldwide. The NWA encourages its members to treat this group as an environment for open discussion of industry concerns and challenges.

The NWA will continue to evolve its social media profile over time, therefore we encourage our members to provide us feedback on how we use this platform, and help us further improve the membership experience.

Mark Ranson will be sending all members who are using LinkedIn an invitation to join the NWA LinkedIn Group in the coming days. To ensure access to the group, please check your emails, including your Junk inbox, and respond to this invitation.

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