Important changes to the Boatmasters Licence (BML)

The Maritime Skills Alliance (MSA) is reforming the current ‘Diploma in Maritime Studies: Boatmaster, Tidal Inland Waterways’ into 3 stages to make it more accessible for candidates. It also means that if desired a candidate can study stage 1&2 and achieve a recognisable deck qualification, even if he is not able to go on to complete the full Boatmaster qualification. The three stages will be:

1) Level 2 –  Award in Maritime Studies: Watch Rating – Based on categorised waters rather than a ‘deep sea’ Navigational Watch Rating certificate and still covers all units necessary to gain a Watch Rating Certificate.

2) Level 2 – Certificate in Maritime Studies: Seamanship – Covers the practical work required for the Efficient Deck Hand qualification, but focuses on liferafts and rescue boats in place of lifeboats, which were covered in the ‘deep sea’ version of the EDH certificate.

3) Level 2 – Certificate in Maritime Studies: Boatmaster Tidal Inland Waterways –  Final stage to cover the remaining units including all required theoretical knowledge to enable the candidate to sit the MCA Boatmaster oral examination. 

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