German CoC Situation: Update

Yvonne Orr, Nick Allen and Mark Ranson met MCA representatives last month to express disquiet at how things were to be taken forward with regard to the acceptance of the <200GT Masters Certificate of Competence (CoC) in German waters.

The MCA have written to BG Verkehr requesting another meeting ASAP and the German have responded positively. They have also agreed to look at the detail of our <500GT Master Workboat, <500GT Master Near Coastal and possibly the Class 1 Fishing CoCs as possible alternatives to the <3000GT Masters CoC currently being stipulated.

Disappointingly, however, the BG Verkehr are not prepared to consider the <200GT code vessel CoC.

The MCA have just completed a mapping exercise of the other exisiting CoCs and we hope to have another meeting with the MCA in the next week to look at the best options for moving forward with the German discussion, but also to consider the wider future for workboat certification.



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