Further Information on ‘Snap-back Zones’ on Mooring Decks

Over the last year,industry advice regarding the demarcation of ‘snap-back zones’ has been reviewed and updated. This is largely due to a serious incident last year in which a deck officer was badly injured during a mooring operation while standing in a zone that had not been identified as within the snap-back danger zone. 


Recent research has shown that snap-back zones are in fact much larger than was originally thought – and to this end, the Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers now advises that:


“Owing to the design of mooring decks, the entire area should be considered a potential snap-back zone. All crew working on a mooring deck should be made aware of this with clear visible signage.”


Additionally, and while original guidance advised the creation of specific snap-back zones on the deck in hi-vis paint, the Code also advises that:


“The painting of snap-back zones on mooring decks should be avoided because they may give a false sense of security.”


Above is the latest guidance, circulated by Shipowners P&I Club – with thanks to Carri Woodburn.

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