Four New Recruits on Board

This month, we’re delighted to welcome four new members to the NWA. McLachlan Marine, Cutts Marine Ltd., Great Yarmouth Port and the Marine Biological Association have all joined our ranks in the past few weeks.

The new members represent a variety of companies from across the UK. McLachlan Marine are based in Aberdeen and provide a range of vessels supporting different projects in North-East Scotland, while Cutts Marine Ltd provide marine services along the south coast from Newhaven.

We also welcome the port of Great Yarmouth, which operates several workboats itself as well as being a main hub for the Offshore Wind operations on the East coast.

Finally, the Plymouth-based Marine Biological Association has rejoined the NWA after a few years’ absence. The MBA operates a specialist Cat 2 survey vessel capable of operating both in shallow estuarine waters as well 60 miles out to sea, and is involved in a wide variety of survey operations.

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