Understanding Fatigue

Understanding Fatigue

We are pleased to launch a new poster, which we have developed in conjunction with sponsors the MCA and The Shipowners’ Club, to help crewmembers to identify the signs of fatigue – both in themselves and in others – at sea.


Following the 2017 NWA / Offshore Wind Safety Forum, where the issue of fatigue featured as a major point of concern and discussion, the NWA has spent the past year researching and discussing this challenge with its members and the wider maritime community.


Now, we are pleased to announce that, with the support of the MCA and The Shipowners’ Club, the NWA has created and designed an informative and eye-catching poster, to help crewmembers to identify the signs of fatigue at sea – and to remind them to report any issues of fatigue to shore-based management.


The posters are designed to be displayed on all vessels, and we will be distributing copies at the NWA / Offshore Wind Safety Forum on 6th September. For further information, and to request copies, please email Mark Ranson.


Particular thanks go to NWA Safety Forum Chair & Committee member Kerrie Forster, for his tireless work on this initiative.



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