European Operators

Open letter to all our European Operators

Over the last five years or so we have had the issue of a European Workboat Association on the agenda. The initial idea was that the code of practice we operate under could effectively be adopted and used by operators in Europe. The idea has had positive response from operators in Europe and general agreement that there is a need for a common accepted code of practice. Given the success and widespread acceptance of the MCA Workboat Code, this seemed like a potential starting point as a standard to use for under 24 m load line length vessels, especially with the revised MCA Workboat Code published in late 2018 following an extensive review and upgrade. However, given that the task in hand is a massive one and resources are limited the NWA has decided not to take the idea forward. We would however be more than happy to provide advice and direction should European operators wish to take the lead and set up their own association. Alternatively, we would welcome any operators who would like to join the National Workboat Association; we currently have some European members who already use the code for their vessels. For further information or to discuss this in more detail, please contact the Chief Executive.